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Just in Time for DVAM2021!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Welcome to our blog on our new and improved website! We're bringing it to ya just in time for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021 - check it out!

What's Goin' On?

A lot, Beloved, but I'll settle in on a few key moments.

We're Published - Monthly!

Firstly, my agency was invited at some point in 2021 by Dwana Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of Urban Experience Magazine, to start contributing a monthly article. That was a no-brainer since she was literally walking me over to a part of our agency's demographic through her readership. Ms. Bradley started with interviewing me in her February and March 2021 editions of the magazine: Feb article link, Mar article link. It occured to us that the best way to illustrate that different and lesser-known types of domestic violence are to take the facts and put them in story format. We explained that in our May article. We jumped in with our stories, calling them "Courageous Truths: _____________'s Story" and have been bringing the ones seeming to hit Black females the hardest right now in our Jun - Sept articles: Freedom's Story, Ebony's Story, Bree's Story, Tawnya's Story.

DVAM 2021!

Our first Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we had #PrepTalks. For DVAM2021, we'll be having #OurTalks, the format we changed to after our Birth Through Ascension event happened in February 2021. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we will be bringing to you an innovative and empowering topic: Abuse Reparations. How do we get the survivor out of the hoping-waiting mindset and into the make-it-happen-for-my-legacy mindset? Part of it is one of our founding philosophies, the amazing topic: Abuse Reparations. This incredible conversation will take place on our Facebook live, and you can sign up for it now right here: DVAM2021 #OurTalks Event.

Blog and Newsletter - All in One!

This blog serves as our blog and newsletter all in one! If you want to know some key things happening, this is your place to be! Let folks know if they sign up on our website, they will be on a mailing list to receive this blog!

Urban Experience Magazine

We have a monthly article in this wonderful magazine that is all about topics we need to know more about within the Black community within Iowa. Its editor-in-chief, Dwana Bradley, asked us to write something monthly about DV. After reflecting and seeking wise counsel on how to help our Black women and community better understand how it impacts our women, I realized storytelling was the best way to engage readers to give them the facts and depth of knowledge we so desperately need here. Monthly we introduce a new fictitious character based on interviews with real women, books regarding DV victim-survivors, and internet research. We give a fuller understanding to the way it looks in real life and hopefully help the words jump off the page into realizations and clarity. Here is the link to September's article: UEM article 9/2021

Stay Tuned

We appreciate you paying attention here and want you to know everything you do - whether sharing or subscribing or donating or signing up for individual or community services - it all furthers our mission to change the narrative for the Black woman and DV.

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