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Our Services: Centers of Trust™

Centers of Trust Defined: Places she goes because she trusts and feels safe there. In other words, Black community, this is where you find out how to be the safe space you desire to be for the Black woman.

DV in the US

  • I have conducted research involving over 50 Black women, including myself, across Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Texas, New York, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

  • I have extensively reviewed periodicals, journals, and articles on Black women and domestic violence in the US over the past 5 years, and I am committed to continuing this research.

Why I Can Help

  • Certified Community Health Worker

  • Well-versed in the national/international cutting edge research: 

    • Professor Jane Monckton-Smith's 8-stage DV timeline

    • Dr. Hillary Potter's dynamic resistance

    • Dr. Emma Katz's post-separation abuse

    • Heather McGhee's solidarity dividends

DV for Black Women in US

  • More than 40% of Black women will experience DV in our lives

  • While 41.2% of Black women experience physical abuse, 53.8% of us experience psychological/emotional abuse (a/k/a "somebody messin' with her head" or "head games")

  • These "head games" often begin as history of control (coercive control). This history is stage 1 in the 8 stages of DV homicide. Attention: "head games" are often deadly

Recommended Book List

Our Clients

"I now understand there are levels to get out of these relationships. I now understand so many of us has or will go through some sort of abuse and it's okay to seek help..."

Centers of Trust Client

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