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Fists in Solidarity

Partners: The Silo Breakers

Beloved, you have brought Courageous Fire, LLC into your doors to help you transform your culture into a safe space for your clients, your patients, your employees, your grantees, your partners. The organizations below are dedicated to rebuilding, repairing, and building up the most important asset - humanity. Click on the link to see organizations that believe in collaborating - together. Meet our trusted partners: The Silo Breakers. 


High levels of cortisol can lead to chronic, serious, or even life-threatening physical, mental, or substance abuse conditions. Meet the partners who have innovative, effective training and/or direct services to respond.

Holistic Hair Loss Services. Culturally-infused.

arukah hair loss ctr logo.png

Mental Healthcare Resources. Culturally-infused. Training available.

make it ok.png

Holistic Healthcare Services. Culturally-infused. 

BW4HL logo.JPG

Mental Healthcare Services. Culturally-infused.

ForWard Consulting logo.jpg

Chic Community Services

Behavioral Healthcare Services/Mediation/Mentoring. Culturally-infused.

Chic logo.JPG

Healthcare and Fitness Services. Culturally-infused.

Grace fitness logo.JPG

Direct Services. Youth-oriented.                                

project bridging logo.JPG

Healthcare Initiatives. Training available

HSI logo ph only.JPG

Mental Healthcare Services. Culturally-infused.

Courageous Minds Counseling LLC.png

Victim Services

You will find partners in this section who are plugged into innovative responses for specific communities as victim services organizations. Violent crimes, including domestic violence/teen dating violence/intimate partner violence/sexual assault are represented.

Violent crime victims & their families. Black community. Training available.

MAV logo.jpg

DV/SA victim-survivor services. African community.     

nisaa logo.JPG

DV survivor and co-survivor post-abuse services. Black community. 

CA logo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

DV/SA victim-survivor services. Hispanic/Latine community.                               

luna logo.JPG

Employment Solutions

You will find partners in this section who have become a vast array of solutions - from resume support to complex human resources - they are the ones helping your keep your talent and save your money.

Business consulting strategy done right.                     

reggie company logo.JPG

Text here


Skilled counselor from beginning to end with your resume. High quality, low cost services.

i do resumes logo.JPG

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