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Black Men Tools

These are tools for Black men who:

  • are safe and want to influence those who might not be

  • realize they may be harming Black women and want to learn to stop

Black Women Protector Training

Brothers, did you know there is a certain type of thinking that has influenced the way you view what is wrong and right in relationship behavior? That thinking - that a stranger shouldn't harm a woman on your watch BUT a man who harms "his" woman in your viewing should be approached with hesitancy or not at all because it's none of your business? A male-led organization gave that thinking a name: The Man Box. Those who climb out of it, can create a climate that discourages gender-based violence. Click the appropriate button below to learn more about the Man Box or book the Black Women Protector Training. 

Proactive: A Men's Healthy Relationship Group

Iowa State University, ICADV, and a group of leaders in the victim services field, including Courageous Fire, LLC, collaborated to create, launch, and evaluate this program. This program is specifically for those men who know or believe that they have been or will likely be contributors to gender-based violence - DV that men perpetrate upon women - and they want to have a safe, judgment-free space to learn how to have healthy relationships, including those with their current and/or future intimate partners. This is a FREE program that has already had its first full cohort. It is not a mandatory program, and it does not report to any program in which you may be participating. This program is for men who have the motive of wanting to change simply because they want to do what is right - not because they want a system, group, or individual to know they're doing what is right. Click the button below to learn more and sign up.

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