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Courageous Fire Featured in the Black Iowa Newspaper

It's a true pleasure being a featured author in the Black Iowa Newspaper! This newspaper is an incredible resource for anyone hoping to learn more about Iowa's vibrant Black community.

Dana James founded the Black Iowa Newspaper because she was tired of watching news outlets do a poor job of telling Black stories during the coronavirus pandemic and failing to share how the pandemic truly affected Iowa's Black communities. The mission of the Black Iowa Newspaper is to highlight Black perspectives, showcase the Black community and amplify Black voices. This is news by Black people, for Black people in the truest sense.

In my most recent article, "5 things to remember when someone you love is leaving domestic violence", I outline crucial steps for family and friends to remember when helping a loved one leave an abusive relationships. I highlight the importance of personalized safety plans, the challenges of temporary group protection, and the need for sustained support during the initial 18 months post-abuse. I also discuss hidden threats faced by survivors.

There are also valuable articles from other writes on topics ranging from the work that Black doulas are doing to fight the maternal mortality crisis, to parent groups working to increase equity in our local schools, to coverage of local community events. As Iowan's who care about building a stronger community, the Black Iowa Newspaper is an excellent resource for gaining a better understanding of the needs within the Black community.

If you'd like learn more about the Black Iowa Newspaper and feature this paper in your organization's lobby, or magazine rack, you can reach out to Dana James at

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