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Disruptor™ Training: A Crucial Tool in Saving Lives of Black Women from Domestic Violence

In the world of domestic violence, understanding the intricacies of an abusive relationship can mean the difference between life and death. Dr. Jane Monckton Smith's groundbreaking research on the 8 Stage Domestic Violence Homicide Timeline has paved the way for a new initiative here at Courageous Fire, LLC, known as Disruptor™ Training. This training is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge to create a safe space for Black women to share crucial information, ultimately aiding in the identification and disruption of potentially fatal intimate partner relationships. Let's look at the research and training that could be a game-changer in the fight against domestic violence.

The 8 Stage Domestic Violence Homicide Timeline

In her 2018 research, Dr. Monckton Smith analyzed 575 homicide cases involving women killed by men, using the Counting Dead Women database. The findings revealed a consistent 8-stage timeline that precedes domestic violence homicides. These stages provide a roadmap for understanding the progression of an abusive relationship. The 8 stages are as follows:

  1. A pre-relationship history of stalking or abuse by the perpetrator

  2. The romance develops quickly into a serious relationship

  3. The relationship becomes dominated by coercive control

  4. A trigger threatens the perpetrator's control - for example, the relationship ends or the perpetrator gets into financial difficulty

  5. Escalation - an increase in the intensity or frequency of the partner's control tactics, such as stalking or threatening suicide

  6. The perpetrator has a change in thinking - choosing to move on, either through revenge or by homicide

  7. Planning - the perpetrator might buy weapons or seek opportunities to get the victim alone

  8. Homicide - the perpetrator kills his or her partner and possibly hurts others such as the victim's children

The Importance of Disruptor™ Training

Disruptor™ Training is a response to Dr. Monckton Smith's research, aiming to equip individuals with the skills to intervene at crucial stages of an abusive relationship. By creating a safe environment for Black women to share important identifiers, those with this training can play a vital role in disrupting the cycle of violence and save the lives of Black women.

Dispelling Common Myths about Domestic Abuse

Dr. Monckton Smith's research also helps dispel common myths surrounding domestic abuse, such as:

Leaving an abusive partner guarantees safety: Research indicates that post-separation can lead to an escalation of abuse, with threats and intimidation continuing. The Femicide census (2018) found that 41% of women killed by a partner/former partner had separated or taken steps to separate, with 30% killed within the first month and 70% killed within the first year of separation.

Domestic homicide results from a loss of control: The timeline emphasizes that controlling and coercive behavior underpins the majority of domestic homicides, debunking the idea of a loss of control on the part of the perpetrator.

No physical violence means it's not severe: The 8-step timeline stresses the importance of considering all types of abuse, not just physical violence. Recognizing the full range of violence, including controlling behavior and harassment, is crucial for early intervention.

This new Disruptor™ Training offers a tangible and practical approach to combating domestic violence. By understanding the 8 Stage Domestic Violence Homicide Timeline, individuals can become disruptors, playing a crucial role in identifying and intervening in abusive relationships. As we strive to save lives, this training stands as a light of hope in the fight against domestic violence for Black women who often face unique challenges in seeking help.

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