CFire LLC Shares Awareness During DVAM

1. The 3 Least Known Types of DV in Our Area

When we were conducting DV Awareness Training with civic, church, and health organizations in September 2021, we found the top 3 types previously unheard of before they participated in training were these:

  1. #1 Religious/Spiritual Abuse

  2. Tied for #2:

  3. Digital Abuse

  4. Revenge Porn

We shared the definitions and ways help can be obtained for these types. Part of the satisfaction of this work is knowing that every time we give information, DV has fewer places to hide.

2. What Abuse Reparations Are

We sat down with two incredible entrepreneurs, Susan R. Wolder-Williams, and Hazel Grace, at the #OurTalks table during DVAM. Yes, these 2 women told a portion of their story as DV survivors


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