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Culturally-Responsive Crisis Tools

1) Courageous Access
This is our sister organization and nonprofit especially created by its Founding Executive Director, Courageous Fire, to provide direct, holistic services to Black DV women and the children they are raising. From support through the early stages of fleeing victimization through the rebuilding stages AFTER being separated from the abuser.

Go to and click on Enter Courageous Access to get ACCESS.

2) Black Trauma-Informed Therapists: CFire Recommended List
The process of leaving DV and reclaiming your life is emotionally demanding. Often, we are faced with making many weighty decisions at the same time. If we are caretakers for children or elderly also, we must factor them into every decision. The needs we face as Black women dealing with DV create yet another layer of complexity. The emotional wounds that DV has left beind if left unchecked have been proven to cause serious longterm impact on the mind and body, including chronic and life-threatening physical illness.

This list of Black therapists, many female, and 1 male, are incredible at what they do and can understand much of your experience on a personal level. We want you to have the support you need. When you call them, remember to ask them for a short chat to see if you believe they will be a good fit for you. Statements like, "I need this from my therapist", "this is what I want to gain from therapy", "it is important to me that my therapist understands it is never okay with me to ..." are good places to start. Add you own or come up with your own, but observe their responses and decide whether you feel good about them taking care of your needs.

Go to:, Go to Get Resources, Click on General Resources, Click on "Black Therapists Recommended by Courageous Fire LLC"

3) Black Therapists in the State of Iowa List has a list of therapists throughout the country. This specific list is filtered to show you names, photos, specialty, what type of insurance they take, and even whether or not they are currently taking new clients for some of them! Because of COVID, there are a lot of therapists who do telehealth - which means you can see them from the comfort of your own home. For some, that literally means removing the barrier of not having reliable transportation.

Go to:, Go to Get Resources, Click on General Resources, Click on "Black Therapists in Iowa Directory"

4) Confidential Safety Planning: Community Safe Space
75% of DV-related murders take place when the victim is leaving or has left, either immediately or within the first 18 months following the separation. We want to give you places where the perpetrator cannot find you to make a way to avoid harm while you get yourself and your family (if applicable) to a more permanent place of safety. Therefore, we have partnered with places within our community that will provide access to resources, as well as safe devices that are monitored by the perpetrator to conduct your safety planning. Work with the Safe Space coordinator at that location to use the room as many times as you need to get to safety.

Call CFire LLC at 515-428-0077 to be connected to the Community Safe Space nearest you.

Culturally-Responsive Crisis Tools
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