Courageous Services

Victim Identification & Triage
  • Awareness Talks. Decode the signs your body is sending you that you may be a victim. Recognize the lesser-known types of abuse. Access the effective culturally-responsive recommended resources for help. Learn the effective mainstream resources for help.  

  • Triage. We are honored to connect Black female victims to crisis help and/or culturally-specific help in greater Des Moines, the state of Iowa, or beyond if necessary, including Black therapists. Call us.

Advocate Support
  • Informed & Courageous: Self-Care for Advocates™. Those who support victims-survivors of DV need to be able to sustain their own well-being. We facilitate tailored sessions to help your team identify its unique stressors and form individualized as well as team self-care that is sustainable in the real-world scenarios advocates face.

Community Training
  • Community Awareness Training™. Learn: 

    • The visible signs of non-physical DV abuse in a possible perpetrator or victim 

    • When and how to screen for IPV through HARK

    • The lesser-known types of DV

    • Which types of abuse have longer-lasting adverse effects (not what you think!)

    • Our recommendations for culturally-responsive services and how to use them

  • Visibility Training™. We're talking about how to see and respond to unspoken needs in those we serve or lead from marginalized groups using the tools of Intersectionality and/or Dynamic Resistance.

  • Community Safe Spaces™.18 months after leaving DV is still the most dangerous time for the victim. Setting up confidential places in our communities where these women can get access to expert assistance in getting this done right.

  • #Permission Talks. Access a talk for your women's group that gives them #permission to love, celebrate, empower, and care for themselves. Empowered women are less prone to DV cycles.

Survivor Support
  • Empowerment through the Arts™. Introducing your 2021 access to preventing domestic violence cycles. Identify what was "written on your forehead" that the predators saw, erase it, then learn how to keep old and new ones from gaining access again. (companion workbook peek inside!)  The more quickly you sign up, the more quickly you get a join a class!

  • Therapy Partnerships. Trauma-informed therapists are an incredible resource for our participants following Empowerment through the Arts. These professionals are poised to participants close off vulnerabilities identified during the program.

  • #Permission Talks. Survivors often need reinforcement of the mindset that led to them pursuing safety.

  • Memberships. More info coming soon!

Courageous Philosophy



Courageous Fire, LLC was founded on a two-fold philosophy: 

Foundation Matters. Our adult decisions are based on what we learn as we build our developmental foundation in childhood. If a Black woman can identify where poisonous relationship expectations were falsely set up as normal and healthy, she and her therapist can disarm those predispositions, recognizing and rejecting future toxic advances in all relationships - intimate partner, family, work, church, and friendships. 

Reparations Matter. As a Black woman, I have definitely fantasized about my country suddenly deciding to repay me in useable currency for my lifelong suffering at its hands. We teach survivors how to extract currency following an abusive situation; because the most effective revenge is to make abuse pay you back - reparations, Beautiful.

Image by Claud Richmond