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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

What's new? That's simple, Courageous Access!

We are always about how to move the needle further on changing the narrative regarding Black women dealing with DV. We knew we wanted to have more Black professionals involved to allow us to be able to broaden what we can offer.

We wanted to be able to help the Beautifuls build something greater for themselves and their children than what they had prior to DV rearing its ugly head into their lives. And we wanted to be able to provide the comforting, strengthening, support they and their children needed along the way.

That Beloved, is what our nonprofit arm, Courageous Access, is all about. Holistic and culturally-responsive solutions to:

  1. Home security / personal security

  2. Financial ruin (bankruptcy), debt management, savings, investments

  3. Divorce, custody, child support

  4. Estate planning

  5. Protective/restraining orders (if applicable)

  6. Philly ACES-Friendly kids community

  7. Survivor community

  8. Needing more work flexibility to deal with DV rebuilding

  9. Needing daycare scheduling flexibility to deal with DV rebuilding

  10. Business ownership

  11. Home ownership

We'll be bringing you more information in the days, weeks, and months to come.

For now:

  • Here's how we've updated our website so far to inform you:

  • Here's our job posting for a fantastic Grant Writing Intern: FB job posting

  • Here's how you can give your tax-deductible support: Donate

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