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The Year 2021 in Review

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

There is sooo much going on, Beloved! We have made it through another calendar and are so grateful for the growth that has accompanied it.

On a personal level, this mission - changing the narrative for Black women and DV (domestic violence) - has been crucial for me. Seeing its impact in measurable ways in this past year has been energizing to say the least!

On a professional level, I'm thrilled to share its expansion into our nonprofit, 501(c)3, Courageous Access! Courageous Access has a mission to concentrate on the survivor and her family holistically, continuing to utilize Black professionals and our culture's ways, and literally setting up the framework for that support to produce a healthy legacy for her and her newly formulated family unit.

To access our entire platform, now you'll want to use our landing page, located at, and choose which site you want to enter. Our LLC will be all about how we're building support within the community, systems, and alerting possible victims. Our nonprofit will be completely focused on the survivor and her family's future.

To see our important building block moments in 2021, click HERE

To see our growth since our inception, click HERE

To see what we're focused on for 2022, click HERE

We're thrilled you're here with us! We need your continued support. Here are some things you can do to help us continue moving forward:

  1. Donate. Your tax-deductible gift will help us be able to open up all programming you see listed in the services for Courageous Access

  2. Work with us. We have intern and board openings right now: Opportunities

  3. Be one of the Black professionals. Just as with Empowerment through the Arts, our vision is in the works to provide published curriculum, developed and delivered by Black professionals from a cultural-centric approach. We'd love to have you sign up, share our vision for the programming that aligns with your expertise, co-develop and publish the curriculum, so that you or other Black professionals can make this available to the participants! As you all continue to sign up, we will continue to fill the programming!! Here's the sign up: Link

  4. Join our board. We need the right mix of folks with expertise and passion for this work to bring the structure to life for this nonprofit. If you are interested in receiving an application that will contain the member requirements and expectations, please click HERE

Beloved, in 2022 we really want to help you understand how Black women are taken in DV to begin with. How does the typical perpetrator that is able to ensnare her for long periods of time - without being detected even by her - get such strong hooks into her without being noticed?

Is there a process?


In 2022, our articles January - July will show the 7-step perpetrator pattern roadmap, detailing the ways he establishes his hold, how he gets her to unknowingly commit to the hold, and how he secures her steadfast loyalty to him and the relationship.

Rest assured, however, that August - December will show the 5-step survivor stronghold breaking roadmap as well, detailing how she can discover his hold, give herself #permission to break the hold, and how she can become steadfastly loyal to her future and her own wellbeing.

It's still going to use the aspect of storytelling, but for continuity and clarity we will follow one fictitious character all the way through this journey from beginning to end. We will introduce her in February and she will stay throughout December.

Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be quite a ride. Here's January's article: UEM article 1/2022

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