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Together We'll Do More in 2024!

We're thrilled for the reciprocal and magnetic energy of The Universe, the guidance of Our Ancestors, our guides, and our purpose for the way things are building and strengthening in ways unforeseen! Here's what we envision for this year's journey...


2024: Courageous Vision

Continuing Education

Subscription-Based Learning Management System for YOU!:

I am constantly in the lab - researching. In my trainings, you get access to some of it, but nowhere near close to all of it. Also, when your new employees join, they have no way to receive the training you and the rest of your team did. That will all change with the ability to have access to continuing education regarding the needs of Black women that relates to the ways you interact with Black women in crisis 

  1. There will be a path for you as a Center of Trust or Must

  2. There will be a further specification for you as an individual or entity

  3. You will be able to add people as they join your org

  4. You will be able to choose the plan that works best for you

  5. You will be able to choose the timing for renewal that works best for you

If you are not subscribed to this website, do so now to be alerted to this incredible development in 2024!

New Trainings

Training to Increase Safety with Individuals and Entities in Black-Owned Spaces: 

Since the inception of this LLC, I have created 7 trainings and talks for the LLC, many modifications of my work, research, and life experience into motivational talks and keynotes, as well as prevention training I have created for our sister nonprofit, Courageous Access. I am constantly in the lab - researching - and will continue to roll out new training that fills gaps and meets needs for the orgs and the Black women whose lives it benefits in this work. 

Increased  Presence

National and International: 

  • It is important to the viability of my work to sustain change after I work with you to create/increase safety for Black women dealing with DV and other crises that my expertise is widely known.

  • It is importnat for me to understand the unique needs, effective approaches, and common pitfalls of this work nationally and globally, and for me to get to the know the communities and Centers of Trust and Must across these areas.

  • Based on this, I am intentionally working to expand my reach 

What You Can Do

Many of you ask me often how you can support equity work between trainings with me. Most of the items below cost you $0 and very little time, but they will help my mission in leaps and bounds.


Do Email Introductions:

Some of this work will take interns to set up the LMS (learning management system). Yes, I do this work, but my time in social injustice slaying is limited! You may have or know of someone whose students need course credit to work on this project with me. Introduce us at

Promote My Work on Social Media:

  1. I am currently active on the 3 social media platforms at the top or bottom of this page. Click on the one you use most and YouTube, then subscribe/like/follow

  2. Share and interact with my content - respectfully, please. When you see information posted, please think through who in your network needs to see the information. Then, pass it along

Mention Me in the Rooms I'm Not In:

My work is becoming more broadly experienced because some of you are already doing this - thank you, Beloved. For those of you who have not yet done so, it's easy. If you're in a room and you can think of ways they could help in creating/increasing safety for Black women in that space, ask them if they know of my work. Give them the address and recommend them to come here to take a look. If you know which category they belong to - Trust or Must - let them know to go to that section. People listen to the word of those they know and trust first; please take my work with you into these rooms.

Look for Creative Ways to Utilize My Training at Your Organization:

There are so many levels on which to engage with the work I do. For more guidance on which ways I recommend to pair together, go to the HOME page to find out in which category you identify and let it guide you accordingly

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