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What's in Our View for 2022!

We're thrilled for the benevolence of The Universe, God, our guides, and our purpose for the way things are opening up in ways previously unimaginable to us! Here's what we envision for this year's journey...

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2022 Courageous Vision

Published Magazine Path

Urban Experience Magazine Article Direction:

  1. Illuminating the perpetrator's path to the Black woman

  2. Detailing what she can do about it

LLC and Nonprofit Paths

Courageous Fire, LLC and Courageous Access. Making clear lines between what each one does

Courageous Fire, LLC Path

Broadening its reach through:

  1. Establishing motivational speaking as the go-to for information regarding Black women and DV in:

    • Awareness Talks - talks to empower Black women to listen to their spirits when looking into possible victimization

    • #Permission Talks - talks to empower women

  2. Creating more Community Safe Spaces™. Confidential/hidden places where Black women can go to do safety planning w/o abuser knowing

Expanding Black women DV community support knowledge through:

  1. Hosting more DV Awareness and Community Safe Space™ training

  2. Increasing our mainstream clients for Visibility™ Training

  3. Hosting more #OurTalks to help the community broaden its understanding of the experience survivors and the support needed far beyond separation from the abuser

  4. Continuing articles in Urban Experience Magazine to help community understand more of the angles of impact on Black women victim-survivors

Strengthening the Culturally-Responsive Anti-Violence Workforce by:

  1. Increasing initial clients for Self-Care for Advocates training

  2. Establishing self-care refresher retreats for previous clients

Courageous Access Path

Broadening its reach through: 

  1. Mainstream funding

  2. Community fundraising

Establishing the expansion programs that impact the survivor and her family’s healthy legacy building

Empowerment through the Arts™

  1. Expanding its reach toward Black victim-survivors who have been criminalized

  2. More firmly establishing its impact through reporting its 2-year post impact data

  3. Hosting more cohorts due to increased funding

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