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What We Got Done in 2021!

Thank you for any ways that you've tuned in, supported, participated, shared, and in any other ways been involved in our mission to change the narrative for Black women and DV (domestic violence). We wanted to help you keep track of what we've been able to do with your collaboration, support, love, and new awareness this year...

2021 Achievement Milestones

Birth thru Ascension

Aired livestream to distribute our launch video for CFire LLC to explain in life story format:

What my story of DV is / how it’s similar to the story of many Black women

How I learned of my victimization

How I got myself and my girls out

How I leapfrogged into healing in an alternative, culturally-based, effective manner

How my experiences - the harm and the healing - birthed the work 

How women in my shoes can receive help - in real time during the broadcast and after

Motivational Speaking

Broadened my recognition reach as a speaker:

MLK Breakfast Panelist

Communities of Color Anti-Violence Summit Keynote Speaker (Iowa CASA sponsored)

Panelist for 2021 National Joint Training Conference for VOCA Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation Administrators

Panelist for LadyLike PowHer Hour: Black Women Heal

Mainstream Bridgework

Formed new relationships to broaden reach of Black female anti-DV work with mainstream systems

Iowa CASA - COC Keynote Speaker

Iowa Department of Public Health - Collaboration to train centers of trust within Black communities and mainstream systems to spot and screen for DV

Safe & Together Institute 


contributed to coercive control module to train organizations on the importance of prioritizing its impact on the victim-survivor and their family

Culturally-Responsive Provider Collaborations

Formed new relationships within Black communities and African communities to provide more culturally-responsive resources

Nisaa African Family Services: Crisis support for Black women DV victims

Union of Black America: Free lock changing service

Unnamed community: Hidden location now houses a Community Safe Space™

Electronic Hub w/Culturally-Responsive Tools

Built 1st resource hub housing culturally-responsive tools for Black women dealing w/DV: Tools for Us: Culturally-Responsive section

Published Magazine Author

Established Black female DV survivor voice in a major player in the Black news community - monthly articles in Urban Experience Magazine (Dec 2021 Article):​

Identifying lesser-known types of DV through the Black female experience in storytelling format

DVAM - spotlight on abuse reparations concept

Created Subscription for Survivors

Launched a subscription-based resource for survivors to know what to do in the first 30 days and beyond - Beyond the Abuse

Empowerment through the Arts™

  1. Conducted virtual 1:1 pilots to meet needs during social distancing or serving women out of state

  2. Established it as successful at 1-year post treatment mark in:

  3. Helping survivors remain out of DV cycles

  4. Helping them recognize and avoid predatory relationships in other areas - work, family, friends, religious

  5. Empowering them to set/maintain healthy boundaries in all relationships

  6. Empowering them to more regularly approach settings prioritizing the importance of their own wellbeing

Facebook Live Show Update

Moved #PrepTalks to #OurTalks and hosted three (3) shows:

Our Talks: DMPS and Black Leadership - introducing one of DSM’s largest employers to our audience to provide #access

Our Talks: What About Abuse Reparations? - interviewing 2 Black women survivors/entrepreneurs to help our audience understand how to make abuse pay you back

Our Talks: Beautiful Gift - interviewing 1 Black woman survivor/activist in anti-violence work to learn how her experience translates to her superpower in the movement

Community DV Awareness Training in Centers of Trust

Hosted an entire month of DV Awareness training in the community within leadership of centers of trust. Trained and provided reference material for spotting a possible perpetrator through traits &/or behavior, spotting the physiological signs in a possible victim, and screening possible victims using H.A.R.K. Hosted 12 organizations, Black and mainstream, across 2 states:

United Way

Central Iowa Works

Home Inc.

Hawthorn Hill


Designed Living LLC / Habitude 

San Francisco Temple

Union of Black America

Bethel AME Church

Black Women 4 Healthy Living

Corinthian Baptist Church

Established 1st Community Safe Space™

An unnamed location has stepped forward and now houses our 1st confidential place in Des Moines where Black female DV victims can do safety planning! We provided the resources, they are providing the untraceable digital tools and physical cloak so Black women do not have to risk our safety to get to safety.

Our Nonprofit 

Opened nonprofit branch of Black female anti-DV movement we began with Courageous Fire, LLC, to house and create holistic services for DV survivor and her family long term: Courageous Access

Created a way for you to give your tax-deductible gift to change the narrative: Donate

Courageous Access' 1st Official Action

In collaboration with Nancy Mwirotsi and Pi515, we delivered a total of $525 in grocery gift cards to Black women DV survivors who we have worked with

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